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How you feel matters, How you think about yourself and your life matters!

Are you feeling stuck and uninspired by your life & work?
Do you feel like life is just one struggle after another?
Are you stressed, anxious, unhappy and maybe depressed?
Are you stifled by fear and unhelpful thinking patterns? Do you lack self-esteem and confidence?
This stuff leaves us tired, unproductive, stressed, creatively blocked, insecure and unhappy. It negatively impacts our health, self-esteem and wellbeing, our relationships, our work performance and our motivation.
Love Yourself Anyway Psychoeducation programs deliver the best ideas, insights and practices from Psychology, Self-Help, neuroscience, eastern wisdom, and lived experience in a way that’s simple, relatable, and transformative. 





" I create and deliver life-changing emotional wellbeing and personal growth programs  (Psychoeducation. ’Im passionate about working with people in a way that facilitates their inward and outward growth. My work explores Learned helplessness, Positive Psychology, Mindset, human behaviour, positive mental health, self-compassion and resilience. I am fascinated with what holds us back, whats makes us thrive and how to live a life we are inspired by"

Della Michelle MSc, BA (Hons)

Founder, Speaker, Researcher, Peer Educator and Coach

"Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground. There's no greater investment."
Stephen Covey


At Love, Yourself Anyway HQ we envisage a world where mental/ emotional wellbeing and personal growth education is normalized and offered on a wide scale to children and adults. Psychoeducation helps enhance our understanding of the situation or challenges we are facing. It encourages curious inner enquiry, self-reflection and awareness. Psychoeducation helps us identify internal and external resources, tools and strategies to help us cope. It also helps you to feel more in control and therefore, less stressed and more confident. 

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Very much enjoyed.

Della's was brilliant in teaching the audience through sharing her personal experience. She also made the session interactive giving an opportunity to all participants to share their own experiences and reflect together. I would definitely recommend this session!


Attending Della's 'Journaling for self-improvement' workshop was amazing. It felt really good in ways that words can not describe. Attending the workshop was only part of feeling good, practising what was learnt the following day and continuously there-after is what has made all the difference. Della exudes passion, enthusiasm and encouragement with sharing her knowledge and experience, 


The Mirror Technique  workshop

was truly life-changing, I was really apprehensive about doing a confidence-building workshop with complete strangers. Della puts you at ease. Her authentic and down to earth approach makes you feel like your capable of change when you commit. I am definitely comitted to change 

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