Love Yourself Anyway programs deliver the best ideas, insights and practices from Psychology, Self-Help, neuroscience, eastern wisdom, and lived experience in a way that’s simple, relatable, and transformative. For people who are curious about strengthening their emotional wellbeing and facilitating personal growth. If you are ready to effect lasting change in life and work you have come to the right place. Love Yourself Anyway unique approach means that individuals and organisations experience Talks, Masterclasses, coaching and mentoring, by speakers, facilitators and peer educators with direct lived experience of Wellbeing & Optimal Functioning and Mental Health (Prevention) and Recovery


  • Discover Learning & Unlearning: the ability to choose an alternative mental model or paradigm.   

  • Connect: Mutual support, sharing with one another & questioning because our lived experience can't be ignored, it an essential and vital part of our wellbeing, recovery and personal development. 


  • Introspect: Cultivating productive self-insight and awakening and freeing of what has been asleep

  • Build:  Getting to work and affecting Lasting change

Learning Pathways 

  • Cultivating self-awareness & productive self-insight

  • Understanding & decoding Emotions

  • Navigating roadblocks & adversity 

  • What it takes to change: behavioural change & habits 

  • Understanding our mindset & how it impacts wellbeing, personal growth and success

  • Learned optimism & How optimism enhances wellbeing

  • Finding meaning & purpose 

  • Self Acceptance & self-compassion the return to what  has always been

 Love Yourself 

Love Your Anyway Is an invitation to love ourselves through the process of personal change, self-discovery, personal growth, emotional wellness and life itself! It's a declaration that you are absolutely worth your love, time, compassion and acceptance in each and every cycle of your phenomenal life. Yes. Your Life is phenomenal!   It's a reminder that there is no self-improvement without self-compassion you have got to love yourself through the process. Loving Yourself Anyway and Self-compassion doesn’t mean choosing the easiest or most pleasurable path. It's the idea that you dont have to be at war with yourself as you contemplate and embark on the next stage of your mental, physical and soul evolution


  • Because human beings are the only life force that can live one way for five years and then decide to tear up the script and live another ( Jim Rohn)

  • Because you are worth getting to know and love 

  • Because a poor relationship with self affects your every area of your life 

  • Because many of us go our whole adult life without having explored our thoughts, mindset and emotions and how it affects the quality of our life and work.

  • Because Self awareness is the meta-skill of the 21st century (Dr Tasha Eurich.)

  • Because mindset is the driver of all our decisions, habits and  behaviours good & bad

  • Because we learn some of our greatest lessons during adversity and discomfort

  • Because the roadblocks are an inevitable  part of the lived experience so why not gather some tools 


Speaking - Coaching - Research

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