Love Yourself Anyway Emotional wellness and personal growth programs help you explore. What holds YOU back? What makes YOU happy and how to live a life you are inspired by? The programs are designed for your breakthrough. Because when you are happy, grateful and in love with who you are it impacts every area of your life and who does not want to be happy?


Whether you are stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns, stifled by fear, paralysed with low confidence and self- esteem, suffering from burn out and stress, maybe your even experiencing functioning depression. Love Yourself Anyway programs challenge you to put yourself first and empower you to take action using evidenced backed Psychological and emotional wellness Research, Wellness practices and Mental Thought Model Techniques.


  • Build a positive and growth mindset 

  • Change your habits, transform your life

  • Overcoming Negative Self Talk  & Taming the inner critic 

  • How to navigate procrastination in Work and Life

  • Journaling for self-improvement, personal growth and stress relief 

  • Managing Fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage

  • Mirror Technique for self-esteem and confidence 

  • Burnout & Stress Management in the Workplace 

  • Self-love, self-compassion and acceptance

  • Emotional Wellness & Self Care

  • Mindful Visioning and Goal setting

  • What it takes to cultivate Happiness

  • Mindful Parenting 

And more........​


Founder of Love Yourself Anyway, Speaker, Teacher, Transformation Coach, Badass Student of Life !!!!

"I'm Della Michelle — I create and facilitate life-changing emotional wellness and personal growth programs. I am curious about the human condition, and my work explores, The power of mind & emotions, courage, compassion and vulnerability. What holds us back? What makes us happy and how to live a life we are inspired by? 


When I was starting out on my personal growth journey, I often went from pillar to post trying to find emotional wellness, workshops, retreats and support groups. I knew I was not alone -- so I took that desire seriously and created a portfolio of emotional wellness  and personal growth programs to help transform peoples lives for the better"

" What I know for sure and what I remind myself daily is this ...Our lives are a reflection of how we think and feel about self and the source of our Joy and our misery resides within us. What this means is that at the very core of your being, everything that is unfolding in your life right now. Is a direct reflection of your thoughts, emotions, habits and behaviours; whether they are self-limiting or empowering, self-sabotaging or inspiring. Your happiness, self -care, growth and healing is an inside job"

Della Michelle

My Story

Love Yourself Anyway is a product of my own wellness journey. Over 36 months ago I got to a point in my life where I could no longer recognise the person staring back at me. I had hit rock bottom, I was suffering from burn out, Depression and Anxiety. My life took a dramatic turn for the better when I decided that in order to experience transformational change. I had to participate in my own recovery.


I embarked on a journey of wellness, which involved therapy, self-help, retreats, fitness, support groups and coaching. I got to the point where I started to fall in love with life again. After a decade in Corporate finance. I decided to pursue my life's work. In January 2018 I launched, Love Yourself Anyway helping people manage their emotional wellness and change their lives for the better.

Love Yourself Anyway

No matter the circumstances in your life and work. 

Choose YOU over and over again.
Choose self-love and self -affirmation. Because when you love yourself you teach the world how to love you.

When you make your emotional wellness a priority it positively affects every area of your life 

Della Michelle

The Journey continues, I am a "real life guinea pig"  of self-discovery, personal growth and emotional wellness. My programs are made with love and authenticity. Rest assured while you do the work to grow, heal and transform, I am doing the work too. 


Speaking - Coaching - Facilitation

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