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Yourself  Anyway

Emotional wellbeing & personal growth programs 

Love Yourself Programs share the best ideas, insights and practices from Psychology, Self-Help, Neuroscience, Eastern Wisdom in a way that's simple, relatable, and transformative. Audiences are immersed in a mind and heart-opening experience that goes beyond momentary inspiration. 


Love Yourself Anyway can support your employees in 4 essential areas of wellbeing & personal growth 

  • Mindset, core beliefs & wellbeing 

  • Goal setting & self-awareness 

  • Motivation, deep work and habits 

  • Emotional wellbeing & positive mental health 

For detailed descriptions or bespoke programs contact us below using the contact form and member of the team will get intouch.


Mindset, Core Beliefs & Wellbeing

Growth Mindset for personal development, success and resilience

Positive thinking: optimism and Gratitude for wellbeing and personal growth

How to overcome your fears, get unstuck, and fuel your success

Self-Limiting Beliefs that will keep you stuck in life (and what to do about them)



Motivation, Deep Work and habits

Motivation, focus, deep work, self-control and GRIT for success in life, work 

Change your habits, change your life for personal growth and transformation

Why YOU Procrastinate & Self-Sabotage (And How to Move Beyond It)



Personal Goal Setting, Self Awareness & Change

Ikigai: discovering your purpose and reason for being

Transformational goal setting for clarity, direction and success

What has you stuck? & how to effect lasting change

Why self-awareness is a superpower & how to cultivate it

Vision Board experience | Say yes to your dreams, goals & desires creative Wellness & Mindfulness Workshop (Online Version available)



Emotional Wellbeing & Positive Mental Health

Journaling for self-improvement, personal growth & stress relief

Supercharge self-esteem and confidence in life & work

People Pleasing & boundary-setting regain your voice and identity

Self- Love, Self - Compassion and acceptance 

Why Self awareness is a superpower & How to cultivate it 

How to bounce back from adversity, Emotional Resilience Program

Understanding Negative Emotions, for less stress and more ease 

Overcome Negative Self Talk & Tame the Inner Critic

Vision Board experience | Say yes to your dreams, goals & desires Creative Wellness & Mindfulness Workshop (Online Version available) 


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