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Our working lives contribute a great deal to our emotional wellbeing, providing fulfilment and achievement. But work can also be the main reason why we are experiencing burn out, stress, depression and anxiety. in the UK Over 15.4 million Working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18. Read More 

Positive emotional wellness helps support a healthy mental state and well-being. This includes stress management, emotional intelligence and Resilience. Self Love, self-esteem and confidence, positive mental health habits (like meditation or mindfulness). Without positive emotional well-being, employees aren’t able to perform or feel their best at work.


Love Yourself Anyway emotional wellbeing and personal growth programs share the best ideas, insights and practices from Psychology, Self-Help, Neuroscience, Eastern Wisdom, and lived experience in a way that’s simple, relatable, and transformative. Audiences learn wellbeing interventions, personal development practices, self-care tools & techniques that foster wellbeing, inspire self-improvement, personal growth and change. Della Michelle turns highly relatable insights on the human experience into transformational programs that inspire personal change and growth.


We can help your organisation incorporate the emotional wellbeing  & personal growth component of wellness into your employee wellness program in the following ways  


  • Lunch & Learn Sessions 

  • Emotional Wellness Awaydays 

  • Company retreats conferences Online & offline 

  • Positive mental health education 

  • Talks, Workshops, Short Course 

  • Onsite Meditation programs 

  • Mental Health days

  • Stress Management Programs

Programs can be delivered virtually using platforms like  Zoom & Crowdcast, Teams 

In-person Talks & workshops have been postponed as per Government guidelines as a result of the outbreak of COVID -19.


_dellammichelle doing what she does best


Love Yourself Anyway can support organisations in 4 essential areas of wellbeing & personal growth. 

  • Mindset, core beliefs & wellbeing 

  • Goal setting & self-awareness 

  • Motivation, deep work and habits 

  • Emotional wellbeing & positive mental health 


The curriculum is designed to provide a deep look at self, others, and work which can be undertaken on an individual basis or worked through class by class.​

Signature programs include 

  • Growth Mindset for personal development, success and resilience

  • Optimism and Gratitude for wellbeing and personal growth

  • How to overcome your fears, get unstuck, and fuel your success

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs that will keep you stuck in life (and what to do about them)

  • Motivation, focus, deep work, self-control and GRIT for success in life, work 

  • Change your habits, change your life for personal growth and transformation

  • Why YOU Procrastinate & Self-Sabotage (And How to Move Beyond It)


  • To learn more about our programs and book a consultation contact us here 




People with positive mental health 

  • Believe that there is a good balance to their life between leisure time, activity, and work

  • Feel good about themselves, and are less likely to suffer from self-esteem issues

  • Believe that there is a purpose to their lives

  • Are able to accept changes 

  • Enjoy living, and know the value of fun and laughter

  • Have less stress, and are better equipped to deal with stress

  • Have better relationships with others

  • Are content with their lives



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