Our working lives contribute a great deal to our emotional wellbeing, providing fulfilment and achievement. But work can also be the main reason why we are experiencing burn out, stress, depression and anxiety. in the UK Over 15.4 million Working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18. Read More 

Positive emotional wellness helps support a healthy mental state and well-being. This includes stress management, emotional intelligence and Resilience. Self Love, self-esteem and confidence, positive mental health habits (like meditation or mindfulness). Without positive emotional well-being, employees aren’t able to perform or feel their best at work.


Love Yourself Anyway Emotional Wellness program combines, leading  Positive Psychology and wellbeing research with raw-and-relatable stories, practices, tools and techniques that inspire personal growth and transformation. Your organisation can expect employees to be immersed in a Life-changing Inspiring and experiential experience. Sessions offer participants the opportunity to speak in non-judgemental and open space. Delegates participate in Interactive group exercises and individually guided work that encourages "curious inner enquiry", reflection and action. Della Michelle creates custom experiences that empower audiences to go inwards and take action. 


We can help your organisation incorporate the emotional & personal growth component of wellness into your employee wellness program in the following ways  


  • Monthly Lunch & Learn Sessions 

  • Emotional Wellness Awaydays 

  • Company retreats, conferences 

  • Emotional/mental health education 

  • Talks, Workshops, Short Course 

  • Onsite Meditation programs 

  • Mental Health days

  • Stress Management Programs

Programs can be delivered virtually using platforms like  Zoom & Crowdcast.

In-person Talks & workshops have been postponed as per Government guidelines as a result of the outbreak of COVID -19.



The curriculum is designed to provide a deep look at self, others, and work which can be undertaken on an individual basis or worked through class by class.​

  • Build a Positive and growth mindset

  • Change your habits transform your life

  • Manage negative self-talk and beat the inner critic

  • Journaling for self-improvement, personal growth and stress relief 

  • Imposter syndrome and leading from within

  • Managing fear, self-doubt and the worry factor 

  • Mirror Technique for self-esteem and confidence 

  • Burnout & Stress Management in the Workplace 

  • How to Beat Procrastination in Work and Life 

  • Self-love, self-compassion and acceptance

  • Emotional Wellness & Self Care

  • Mindful Visioning and Goal setting

  • Ending the Cycle of Toxic relationships

  • Mindful Parenting 

And more........​



People with good emotional health:

  • Believe that there is a good balance to their life between leisure time, activity, and work

  • Feel good about themselves, and are less likely to suffer from self-esteem issues

  • Believe that there is a purpose to their lives

  • Are able to accept changes 

  • Enjoy living, and know the value of fun and laughter

  • Have less stress, and are better equipped to deal with stress

  • Have better relationships with others

  • Are content with their lives



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